3DE Global provides World Class Structural Design and Shop detailing services.
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About 3DE Global

About 3DE Global

3DE Global provides world class Structural design, Structural Steel detailing, Rebar detailing, and Precast Concrete detailing. Best Steel detailing company USA

With Project Management Offices around the world and production center in India no job is too big or complicated for us to execute.

All work is vigorously checked by our experienced checkers to ensure that our deliverables are of the highest quality.

Companies from around the globe seek 3DE Global’s Engineering Services as a high value alternative to executing their projects internally.

We deliver in a shorter time frame a lower cost and higher quality product than carrying out the work in smaller less economically viable offices.


BIM Construction Dubai

We provide your company with a higher quality deliverable in a shorter timeframe and at a lower cost than ever before.  Our large and experienced team, rigid procedures, and investments in the latest software and hardware enable us to achieve the maximum in efficiencies which flow on to efficient and accurate delivery of your project.


BIM Construction Dubai

3DE Global leverages on it’s highly experienced team and geographic office locations to provide Structural design, 3D modeling and shop detailing services to a variety of industries.  We shall continue to grow and expand our knowledge, workforce and systems to enable our clients to execute their projects more efficiently and at a lower cost than what they are able to achieve from completing the work internally. Best steel detailing company UK


Confidentiality is of the utmost importance at 3DE Global. Our clients entrust us to deliver projects for them and we know that their reputation is on the line.

No information regarding any client or their projects is shared with any 3rd party unless fully authorized.

Only Authorized staff have access to confidential information and all staff execute a confidentiality agreement with the company and are regularly trained regarding our company’s confidentiality policy.

When you award a project to us, you know that others shall not find out that you are using us as a competitive edge in your market.

Core Values

Quality – Value – Honesty

It’s our core values that set us apart from the rest bringing client’s back time and time again enabling us to grow our knowledge and continually improve our service offerings for our clients whether it be Structural Design, 3D modeling, shop detailing, or processing laser-scan data.